We want your child to go beyond exceptional.

Out-of-the-box education

We are not conventional, and we do not intend to become it, either. We provide fun additional value to the childcare’s educational curriculum. One day, we are doing a lion pose for our yoga class, and the other, we are learning about mistakes and how to be calm and focused.

Practical experience

Our classes are structured to help students discover their distinctive personalities and skills in a world that is constantly changing. We realise how important is to keep evolving, and that is why our foundational concepts reinforce real-life skills.

Strong connection

We believe in the quality of our program and its meaning for our students. That is the reason the focus of our classes is to see individual progress as much as group growth. Little Wellness brings mastery, connecting each student with their community by using their awareness, problem solving skills, and imagination.

Fun adventure

Little Wellness is built for students; our absolute focus is to provide an unforgettable experience. Children are presented with inspiring activities and stories. They become confident at decision-making; meanwhile, they are laughing, jumping, and colouring. Beware of cool dancing moves and tickles!

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Our focus in the classroom: real life!

Social scientists have been researching human behaviour for decades, and it is not a secret that we learn better from practice in real life context. Memorised concepts matter little if we do not go into the real world and experiment what we have learnt in school.


Little Wellness is here to help your kid open up about emotions and feelings in our fun activities. Students will go home with the tools to keep communicating what is important for them. In our classroom, we express our feelings and learn from our emotions.


We place a lot of focus in individual growth during our program, but we are also determined to help our students connect and feel part of the class. We grow as individuals and as a group. In our classroom, we help and respect each other; we collaborate and progress together.


Children are born scientists. This means they can wonder and learn from their curiosity. The strongest connection a student can have with theory is an emotional bond: laughing, smiling, joking, and playing around. In our classroom, we jump, practice yoga, sing, draw, and dance…We enjoy real life and learn from it.


We strongly believe is important to be and stay present. That is why we incorporate activities from yoga and mindfulness: to teach our students to control their mind and body. It is key to trust our kids to manage their emotions and guide them. In our classroom, we breathe, we focus, and we learn to be in control.



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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

We are here to provide our students an exceptional adventure they can take home, too! Discover more about Little Wellness Program in this section.

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