5 concepts to improve education at home

April 15, 2016 - 3 minutes read


Little Wellness was born to add more value to today’s childhood education.

There is so much comprised in pre-school curriculum that, sometimes, it is easier to forget the most important things to teach little kids. If we also add the need to think out of the box, we might be confused on how to support our children’s education at home daily . Below are short activities to teach your little ones the five important concepts that are the core of our Little Wellness Program.


To teach children mindfulness, we just need to explain to them what it is.

Mindfulness is noticing what is happening at the moment. We can be mindful of how tired we are after school, when having a bath, paying attention to the hot water and the clean feeling we get from smelling the soap and bubbles. Practice one mindfulness activity daily with your kid to build the habit of paying attention.

Positive motivation

Focus on showing a positive attitude towards something unexpected or a planned event that did not go so well that day. Getting an opportunity out of a “problem” can quickly teach our children to be resourceful and the power of perspective.


Be mindful and develop friendships with kids from different cultural backgrounds and help your children connect with those amazing friends. Read them bedtime stories that inspire them to travel and learn other languages.

Nature & Sustainability

Involve your kid in your grocery shopping and teach them where their food comes from, not only the ingredients, but where, exactly, on the map. Take your children to a local produce factory you like. It could be an olive oil factory, a honey factory, or even a teashop. You will find that in some stores, they have amazing staff who can help teach your kids interesting things about their products.


Support that creative spark when your kid is playing. Ask them questions about what they are imagining to encourage them to express their individuality. Sometimes, when reading them a book, let them tell you the story. You would be surprised at how fun this activity could be! Also, since children are normally great at making up games, a simple pen and paper can go a long way.

Enjoy exploring these concepts further and let us know how it goes!