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The Program

Helping to explore

Our journey is focused on guiding children to their full potential, individually and in a group. We care about our students and their dreams.

Building a community

We customize our program to build a better community with the help of parents, teachers, and key consultants. Our students are the future, and our passion is to create a better world for and with them.

Reinventing education

Little Wellness is constantly evolving through research in education and our key concepts. We are committed to providing the best learning experience for our students and their loved ones.

 Program Structure

  • The Program

    Little Wellness Program is an initiative to introduce kids to the foundation of wellness and wellbeing. The objective of this program is to motivate children to seek wellness in all activities, from the way they eat to the way they learn. Throughout the program, children will learn values, such as responsibility, compassion, respect, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • What are the concepts Little Wellness focuses on?

    Little Wellness focuses on developing the foundations of skills and attributes our kids need today to become leaders and positive forces of change.

    We focus on five concepts: mindfulness, positive motivation, multiculturalism, nature and sustainability, and creativity.

  • Why are those 5 concepts important in Little Wellness Program?

    Those concepts complement our children’s education to prepare them for the real world. There are several values left out of school curriculum, due to time constraints or continuous educational changes.

    With Little Wellness, our children build the foundation for a healthy and happy lifestyle, from the beginning of their education and bring that knowledge home.

  • How is the program structured?

    The structure of the program is divided in modules of 10 weeks. During these 10 weeks, we work on 5 concepts that make up the Little Wellness program. Each class runs for approximately 30 minutes and involves our friendly puppets.

    The classes are very dynamic: reading a book story that focuses on our 5 concepts, playing a game around the concept of that week, and a little creative project that will become part of the Little Wellness book of your kid, handed out at the end of the term.

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For Parents

Our parent’s section is for you to research, learn, and be updated about being the best parent you can be. Go through the resources in this section and engage in the blog. This one is for you!

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Learn how to enjoy cooking for and with your kids. Recipes are easy and children-fun proofed, and the articles provide useful information on snacks, superfoods, and food’s importance. Put your chef to the test!


Little Wellness concepts can be found in different children’s books that will reinforce what children have learnt in class. This section will help you get the most of recommended bed stories and reading practice books.

And much more...!